Paracetamol OD

Paracetamol OD is a simple app that allows you to access the appropriate treatment regime for a paracetamol overdose based on UK national guidelines in as few as 4 finger gestures.

That’s it really. Those complex A1 posters on every department’s walls, or the 2 page A4 flow chart published in the EMJ have effectively been replaced by a free app.

Well, not just replaced, the app also tells you which investigations to perform and when, along with the dose and route and timing of antidotes, review times, and criteria for discharge or referral. It even  draws the nomogram graph with your results on it, and adds a confidence interval to make sure you don’t make any mistakes. You chose the weight units & lab result units.

Obviously all information can be captured for your institutions audit (secure server service required) to save you having to trawl information repeatedly. Oh, and it links to the original  scientific papers that can open up right in front of you in ibooks. It would be silly not to really.