Paediatric ED

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We all know that one of the hardest things about dealing with very sick children is the wide variety of sizes  they come in!

Currently we use  ‘guesstimate’ formula for weight, based on age in years, and then derive the correct doses of various drugs either from memory or formularies, whilst simultaneously dealing with the acutely sick child.

These guesstimates are known to be inaccurate, but referencing against the gold standard charts is hugely time consuming in the acute situation.

Paediatric emergency drugs converts the age of the child in weeks,  months, or years (including prem babies) into weight by referencing to WHO weight charts, increasing accuracy by up to 25%.

Paediatric emergency drugs then offers educational advice in a list of emergency clinical situations to chose from. Currently these include:

WETFAGS Fluid – Burns resuscitation
Anaphylaxis drugs Inotropic Support
Epilepsy drugs Asthma
Meningococal septicaemia drugs Sedation
Fluids – Bolus Anaesthesia
Fluid – Maintenance Pain drugs
Fluid – Rehydration Drug formulary

Once selected each of these modules provides an aggregate of  drug dosages or equipement sizes potentially required to rescuscitate that child!