Child Fever

NICE guidelines for the assessment of children with fever can be tricky to navigate. This simple app, commissioned by Leeds PCT for use by GP’s allows a practitioner to quickly input and interpret a child’s key physiological parameters, capture those  ‘stoplight’ fever features that NICE advise, and instigate a safe, evidence based management plan.

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This information helps decide whether the child should be referred (the app can initiate the phone call direct to the paediatrician or ambulance control) and produce an email to the paediatrician, or if all is well produce personalised advice sheet for carers with safety netting advice and a summary of those features present at the time of review.

We have tailored the app to GP’s needs, for example one of the hardest things for practitioners remember is the “normal physiology” parameters for different ages, so we provide this in 3 gestures at the front end of the app.

Conversly GP’s know a sick child, so we allow them to bypass the minutiae of the NICE guidance (but remain entirely within NICE guidance) if the child appears ill, and only capture and forward that data that will help them or the paediatrician.

At the back end we can use our servers and skills to (anoymously) monitor use by geographical location and time, over time, as well as get feedback from GP’s on how we can improve the app for them.

Assessment, decision support, advice, information sharing and communication support and audit become a single process, not four or five disparate ones.

We strongly  believe creating apps that add value by simplify processes, consolidating the disparate into a single interaction will revolutionize practice, rather than simply creating apps that mimic current practice, for the sake of producing an app!

The initial remit from the PCT was to reproduce the NICE guidance, but what they have received goes far beyond that. Read the testimonial.

With our medical and technical skillset we created an app that blew them away, with turnaround time of 1 month from commission to RC1.