Brad Wilson

Dr. Bradley Wilson
Consultant Emergency Physician
Clinical Director of Emergency Medicine, Bradford Teaching Hospitals
Cofounder iED ltd

Dr. Wilson first came to the UK in 1997 as a third year medical student as part of an international medical education, which included five countries and three continents.   After graduation he returned to the UK and now works as a consultant in emergency medicine and is clinical director of emergency medicine department at Bradford Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust.

His interest in medicine, medical education and information technology has meant that he has a unique prospective and understanding on how high quality care and training can be harnessed and presented to the end user in a meaningful fashion.  With over 30 publications including articles in BMJ, NICE and the College of Emergency Medicine Dr. Wilson is academically motivated.

He cofounded iED ltd in 2008.  Working with the iED team he has created multiple iPhone applications and educational materials.  He is also been instrumental in supporting other developers to create medical applications.

Dr.Wilson’s main goal is to empower health care providers by bringing useful clinical decision support to their fingertips.