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NHS Patient Safety Awards, TV, new app, alpha testing Paeds ED

Great night down in London, at the Patient Safety Awards. Unfortunately we didn’t win anything except big hang overs.

The awards ceremony did however produce some interest in the form of the BBC, and I was interviewed for look north, our local news bulletin.

This week has seen us take our first concrete steps on our new app, and we are all excited by this, though it has piled on the pressure in terms of QA, spec design, graphic design & coding.

Seriously, we think this app is awesome, and will empower our users to simplify the patient journey, increase safety, improve the audit of and measure the outcomes of a specific clinical encounter. Oh and you can capture it for educational purposes too. We hope to have an alpha version in the next 3 months.

Also we have progressed the latest version of paeds ed to alpha testing, with a distraction tool, normal physiology and pretty darn cool sepsis module. We are awaiting your feedback, please be nice to us…

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