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NHS Patient Safety awards 2010 finalists – ICT

Just to say we all went down to London today to face the judges of the 2010 NHS Patient safety awards where we are finalists in the software & ICT category.

For the last week we have been pulling together a presentation which really only came together last night after a last minute team session in Leeds.

Taj emailed a few last minute alterations to us roundabout 1am, and we were all done & dusted by 3am. Then I listened to Brads snoring for 3 hours before getting on the 6am to London.

A few quick practice sessions then the real thing at the royal college. Funnily only few nerves (though Brad tells me my finger was shaking), but we managed to give a great summary of what has been a massive project when you take a step back and look at it objectively. We all got through and made our key points.

When I look back at this project, to think we have had over 8000 downloads across 33 countries  in 3 months, with 4 updates, are working with the NHS, and now in Malawi, with more new modules on the way, then this isn’t too shabby for a few ordinary Joes in Yorkshire. And as Taj pointed out, we all have our day jobs too! After the presentation some probing questions, and some great advice. We walked out pretty chipper about it all.

So another big thank-you to all the correspondence from you all, the feedback really helps.

Tired Haidar

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  1. Taj Hassan
    26/11/2009 at 7:37 pm #

    Ok….no doubt about it ….all the hard work defintely paid off.

    The presentation was THE best joint presentation I have ever been involved in. What’s more interesting is that they seemed to click onto the fact that it is something exciting…and instead of 10 mins of questions…we had 35mins!!!

    The presentation and the day in general has given me a real buzz to be honest…and got the mind racing on a whole pile of stuff which Haidar and Brad may come to regret;-)

    Lets wait and see how we get on when the results come….have to wait till Feb 5th…thoguh our American buddy is going to be floating on powder in Utah ( or wherever) that week!!


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