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Local Solutions – Global reach

One interesting track I thought I would mention is the fact that we have been downloaded in 33 countries.

This is great, and getting an email from a lady in Mexico saying how great the app is along with a list of improvements she would like to see has to be  a high light of the project.

So we have a new proof of concept development track, and it has been on the go since a chance encounter at conference.

Any of you at the annual CEM conference will remember Prof Elizabeth Molyneux (OBE) talk about her daily practice in Malawi. Well it turns out that her patients crash at all the wrong times in all the wrong places, just like ours!

But they can’t use our formulae to guesstimate weight from age as most of their children lie of the 25th centile. Even then they use a completely different set of drugs. Talking to her later she really opened our eyes to the problems clinicians faced not only in Malawi, but in Afghanistan and in some of the other countries she visits as part of her WHO work.

So we want to make a version of paeds ED just for her. Can we as a small NFP adapt our app to her needs easily, and in doing so create a system whereby any country or organisation can create their own local version of the app?

We all think this a tall order for a small company like ourselves, but  we aim to do this in the first six months of 2010.

No pressure huh?

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