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Onto iTunes!

So today we went live on iTunes Download now!

We are all incredicbly proud of this achievement, but also a bit confused.

For a start our app has developed a few typos that were not there before we submitted the app. That just makes no sence and I suspect we have done something wrong somewhere.

the other wierd thing is how apple organises apps’ release dates. We are not on the newly released app page because they classify the release date as the date you submit your app for review. You can set the release date for some time in the future, but with apple remaining vague about the validation process, you are at best guessing.

So we have an app that has little chance of garnering much attention without significant advertising which we are in no position to provide. So we are kind of dependent on our reviews and word of mouth!

However, the most infuriating thing is the inability to get UK based promo codes. You can get 50 reviewer promo codes, which we were going to give to our beta testers by way of thank-you.

However, those reviewers must be registered to the US store and the codes are not valid elsewhere. For a UK app this makes no sense!

Anyway, I have been bowled over by the nice messages on my facebook page. I look forward to seeing whether we have passed the 10 sales mark! At any rate I know we will ever see any of the 6K this whole endeavour will have cost us.

So, anyway, I would like to thank all our beta testers for their help, and hope people continue to vent their violent dissent on the forums.


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