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Haidar here. We at iED have spent the last year struggling to get this idea off the ground, and it finally looks as though it might happen. We thought we would start a little blog to chronicle some of our challenges, achievements, and keep people informed as to what we are up to in general.

So I will be posting stuff as we go along.

I guess the biggest issue on our mind at the moment is getting the app to our testers. We think it kind of rocks.

John (in Huddersfield)  is busy coding the app, complete with a rich graphical interface designed by Kevin (in Saltaire).

Once we have the first build (apparently on Thursday) we will be sending it out to any testers out there who have expressed an interest (Aberdeen, Manchester, Leeds, New York, Singapoor & growing)!

Which reminds me, we really want international testers, so just get in touch if you want to help out, we would love to hear from you.

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