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Creative Commons?

So what?

Part of our aim in setting up iedapps and making it a non profit is to get a quality assured innovative & useful products to market without charging for them.

We know that there is a market, and we know one tried & tested way to get there (iTunes & iPhone).

The five of us have been working hard, alongside our everyday jobs, for over a year now, fighting to get this out there, and we know how difficult (but good fun) this has been for us.

However, a bigger aim of ours is to be able to be open and responsive to what people need.

We are after all three emergency physicians, based in the UK, who love the iphone.

What about people using Android, Pre or Blackberry? What about a java based service for intranets? What about more or different modules, or centiles? What about specifically addressing the needs of third world workers?

There is just too much for three guys to do here, and we would love to hear from people about what they would like to do with our work. At the same time we want to keep some ownership because quality assurance, usability & academic credibility are key to our core aims.

In using creative commons, we hope to be more flexible about intellectual property and derivative work than standard copyright, and use it not to stiffle innovation but hopefully encourage it, helping like minded individuals create better products for their environment.

Let us know how we can help.

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